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R & T's English Bulldogs

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  Cannell's Toby Juan of Kobee
Ch. Cannell's Kobee T of Dovr, Red & White Piebald
Ch. Do-Bee's Gambler's Final Trump, Red White Markings
Ch. Do-Bee's He's A Melrod Gambler, Red Brindle & White
Ch. Melrods Fabulous Freddy, Red Brindle & Wh
Ch. Walnut Row Moe's Mighty Samson, Red Brindle & White
Ch. Bucks Lil'l Iodine Of Melrod, Brindle & White
Ch. Melrods Pride of Beefeater, Red Brindle Wh
Ch. Rich Flying Tiger, Red Brindle & Wht
Ch. Beefeater's Pride of Melrod, Red Brindle & White
Do-Bee's BLDG Block Carly, Red White Mks.
Ch. Do-Bee's Da Capo Tyler, White Brindle Mk.
Ch. Do-Bee's Luckysevan, Red Brnd, Wh
Ch. Do-Bee's Goober Girl, Red Brnd, Wh
Ch. Do-Bee's Only Olivia, Red Brindle & White
Ch. Do-Bee's E-Z Jr Esq, Red & White
Ch. Do-Bee's Majjic Blend, Red Brnd, Wh
Loch Lomond Bobbi Sue Labonte, Fawn & White
Ch. Loch Lomond Solomon, White Piebald
Ch. Flaming Boy At Brampton, Red & White
Brampton Yossa's Lad
Sunniryl Smooth As Silk At Omego
Loch Lomond Jilly Bean, Brindle & Wh Piebald
Ch. Little Pond's Osage Ollie, Red Brnd, White
Loch Lomond Violet Poppy, Fawn & White
Ch. Loch Lomond Amber, Fawn & White
Ch. Little Pond's Osage Ollie, Red Brnd, White
Ch. Millcoats Titus, Red Brindle & White
Ch. Osage Reddy Or Not, Red Wh Mks.
Loch Lomond Ruby Begonia, Red Brindle, Wh
Ch. Newcomb's Desert Victory, Red Brindle & White
Loch Lomond Annie May, Fawn & White
Cannell's Tonya of Dover, Red & White
Ch. Cannell's Harley Classic, Red White Mks
Elder's Clyde, Red & White, Black Mask
Elder's Edgar, Fawn & White, Black Mask
Edwards' Sir Nigel, Red Brindle & White
Edwards' China Doll, Red White Mks.
Miskelly's Sassy Half, Red Brindle & White
Ch. Shack-N-Lo Chubby Checker, Fawn & White
Leathermans' Sassit, Fawn Brindle & Wh
Murray's Lady Chubette, Fawn & White
Eischen's Okarche Chieftain, Fawn & White
King Arnold The Great, Fawn & Wh spots
Bakkers Ike's Mammie, Fawn Brindle & White
Edwards' Emerald Lady, Red White Markings
Edwards' Iza Lady's Man, Fawn Brnd wh
Edward's Electra, Red
Ch. Cannell's Jo-Dee, Fawn & White
Ch. Cannell's Ramin Rambo, Red & White
Ch. J Julio of Delta, Fawn & White
Ch. Hoosier Opus Of Delta, Fawn, White
Ch. Sheena Queen of Delta, Brindle & Wh
Cannell's-Posthoc Roxy Uno, Brindle & White
Ch. J and G's All Together, Red Brnd, Wh
Cannell's Anne Marie, Fawn & White
Cooks Shady Lady, Fawn & White
Pinetree Sparkle In His Eye, Fawn & White
Ch. Irish Acres Brindlewood Oak, Red
Tanks Pine Tree Lady Katrina, Fawn, Wh
January's Winter Storm, White
Tanks Pine Tree Mighty Butch, Brnd & Wh
Cooks Penny Pit Stop, Fawn & White


Tina Anderson